What's your ideal weekend like?
Drinks with friends, heading to the beach, a good run, and shooting film. 

The best Californian spot to set up your umbrella and soak up the sun?
Oh I would say Lechuza Beach Malibu, it’s super private and accessible with lots of parking. 

What is your Sunday favourite and how would you style it?
I am a big Sunday Supply Co. towel girl - they come everywhere with me, and are so useful for all the shoots I am on!

What are your top 5 beach products for a summer escape?
My fave bikini, a good reef safe sunscreen like Forah, bucket hats, cutie Sunday Supply Co. towels, and sunnies.

We are loving your creativity, the shots you’re taking are aesthetic as much as unique. What inspires you?
Thank you so much, it means so much coming from you all - I would say just being by the ocean inspires me.. Whether that comes from travel or just a drive to the beach to clear my mind. It truly helps my mental space to be able to be creative. Oh and Pinterest.. Pinterest is great.

Where does this love for photography come from?
I swear I was born with it. I can’t see something pretty and not take a photo! 

So when thinking about Sunday Supply Co. essentials, where do you imagine using them?
Ideally a long beach day is a 9-5 type of day where you get hot and have to head under the umbrella, and then grab a towel to head up to take a dip in the pool then back down to spend.