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Care & Cleaning

Create beautiful shade

We take special care of our products. We want you to enjoy your new addition for as long as possible and want to keep them looking great. There are just a few things to consider and care for.

Beach Umbrella Care — Sun

These natural beauties are designed to age gracefully with the fabric to subtly fade over time and show the signs of a Summer well spent. Salt, sand and dirt should be avoided and cleaned appropriately after use.

Beach Umbrella Care — Water

We can’t control the weather, but ideally we would like to avoid getting any fabric or materials wet. Fabric should never be stored while wet — always ensure the fabric is thoroughly dried before storing for extended periods and keep in a dry, shaded location. Any early signs of mould and mildew must be removed immediately.

Beach Umbrella Care — Assembly

Take care in opening, closing and try not to force anything. Please ensure beach umbrellas are well anchored and assembled correctly, especially in windy conditions. Be aware of other people around you and collapse umbrellas if leaving unattended.